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Example of Clear Eave Lite versus Window letting light into Building


Shedding Some Lite on the subject


Do you ever notice how sometimes the simplest solutions are often the best? Well this certainly is the case when it comes to Polycarbonate Eave Lite.  Semi-transparent building panels have been available for years – but until recently, these products would fade, crack, and dull over time. Now, you can get the benefit of added natural light into your building space without all of the wear and tear that came with the old panels. Polycarbonate material provides numerous advantages in this type of building application. Some advantages to polycarbonate are:

1. Polycarbonate panels provide long term durability
with virtually no cracking, tearing or failing while keeping its clarity for many years.

2. Polycarbonate panels are much stronger and resist weather damage much better.

3. Polycarbonate is twice as expansive to temperature as fiberglass panels but provides a higher heat gain from sun when needed during the winter months.

4. Polycarbonate panels come with full code and fire approvals for its many applications.

5. COST! For a fraction of the cost of a window, you can get several times the square footage of transparent material to let more light into your workspace. AND – no electricity needed to light your building during the daylight hours! You save money on both the initial investment and on the useful life of your building. 

There are a few things to remember when considering Clear Eave Lite:
As the name implies, “Eave” lite will be on the eave area of the building – 2’ high sections are ideal as they allow the most lite per square foot.
The major ribs on the eave lite will match that of the building for a secure fit and a nice looking exterior finish.   
Eave lite can be installed on one or both sidewalls of a building, or even a section of a sidewall. The options are limitless! 

Save yourself money and keep your building looking it’s best for years to come – Ask about Clear Eave Lite on your next building project!


DripStop Condensation Control


As one of the newer featured products that Wick Buildings carries in it's lineup, DripStop Condensational Control provides so many benefits to your building. As it's name implies, the purpose of this product is to control condensation inside your building. When temperature and humidity conditions reach the dew point, moisture can condense on the underside of your uninsulated metal roof. If enough condensation is present, drops of water form and start to fall - which can cause damage to the contents within your building. The traditional method to combat this problem is to try and insulate the roof so that the temperature on the inside of the roof panel never reaches the dew point. DripStop is a new and different way of combating condensation on uninsulated metal roofs that is simpler and generally more economical. By trapping the water droplets in the membrane design, DripStop prevents condensation reaching the interior of your building's roof, and therefore cannot damage the contents.  DripStop has many advantages over traditional methods including:

*Saving you money - DripStop can be up to 50% less cost versus other condensation control methods. One reason for this is that there is no cost of labor to install DripStop when constructing the building. DripStop material is applied directly to the sheet metal at the Wick Buildings manufacturing facility before it even leaves to be delivered to your construction site.

* DripStop is more durable than other condensation control products. The design of the anti-condensation membrane is not susceptible to ripping, tearing, or deterioration like stand insulation and vapor barriers. DripStop is also practically completely resistant to damage that can be caused by birds and other pests who tend to damage taditional insulation when exposure occurs.

*DripStop is easy to clean with a hose or pressure washer if needed.

*It's Quieter. The product has been shown to reduce interior noise up to 20% by provide a softer surface to absorb sound.

*Compliments the color of Wick's inside steel coating.

*Extra Protection - the DripStop membrane also provides an extra layer of protection to the inside of your metal roof.

Applications for DripStop include the following:

Warehouses*Agricultural Buildings*Industrial Plants*Sports Facilities*Aircraft Hangars*Self Storage/Mini Warehouses*Residential Suburban*Animal Confinement*and more!

Add the extra layer of protection and preserve your investment - it's worth it!

Watch the DripStop video below to see a comparison of how condensation forms on the inside of a metal roof both with and without DripStop.